Rolling Stone owner Jann Wenner has a knack for picking talent. So we’re sure his online staff will give a hearty welcome to their new boss: Jann Wenner’s fresh-out-of-college kid.

Gus Wenner, 22, is an amazing media success story. Just a few years ago, he was a Brown University student playing in a band with fellow celebukid Brown student Scout Willis. Today, he’s still playing in a band with Scout Willis— and also running the website of a major national magazine! Gus’s dad, Jann (the boss of the place, coincidentally) sent this email out to Rolling Stone staffers today:

Date: Monday, May 20, 2013 2:52 PM
Subject: Gus Wenner

Dear all:

David Kang and I are very pleased —and I am very proud —to announce that Gus Wenner, after leading the re-launch re-design effort for our website, will now continue by heading up the overall operations of


Jann confirmed the appointment to us. Gus followed the traditional route to a perch atop the media hierarchy: playing in an alt-country band in college. He’s earned it. staffers should feel free to leave their thoughts on this development in the discussion section below.

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