"I just returned from the border with shocking new video—video that will outrage you," James O'Keefe III writes. "I dressed up like Osama bin Laden and crossed the Rio Grande river from Mexico to the United States." This will be just the thing to make right-wing ratfuckery sexy again!

Jimmy the video sting prince went out looking for a new story. And apparently he watches Fusion TV, because he decided to cross the Rio Grande just as Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos did last month, only without pointing out all the hazards that Ramos highlighted along the way, and also with a rubber Bin Laden mask.

O'Keefe's adventure is very, well, O'Keefey. His guide through the complexities of border politics and international security is Hudspeth County, Texas, Sheriff Arvin West.

"We've got plenty of agents, they just need to be on the border," West says:

Oh, by the way, here's an AP photo of U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers standing watch roughly three feet to the left of that "insecure" border spot where O'Keefe and West filmed their segment:

Here are some fun facts you may not learn about West from O'Keefe's fawning video treatment: The sheriff is famous for arresting celebrities, from Willie Nelson to Fiona Apple, whose pot-filled tour buses use the nearby stretch of Interstate 10; he's been found guilty of illegally arresting an El Paso police officer and violating his civil rights; and he has a reputation for being a right-wing and anti-immigrant media hound who calls President Obama "full of shit."

Since 2005, West has gotten so much money for border protection that he's hired five new deputies and cut crime in half. But EVIL illegals and the DRUG CARTELS who run them are ready to DO MURDER any day now, West says. "[S]ome question whether his other salty tales are based firmly in reality or instead are constructed to drive millions in state and federal money to his department's coffers," the Texas Tribune has reported.

All in all, a perfect source for James O'Keefe.

After that, O'Keefe does a little song and dance across what he says is a stretch of the U.S-Mexico border, crossing back and forth over about 15 feet of river—first in plain clothes, then dressed as Osama, purportedly to drive home the point that we are UNSAFE, and anyone who says terrorists are not pouring across our undefended borders IS A LIAR.

Weirdly, in his "six mile" trip from the river border to I-10, O'Keefe's video never shows him crossing the well-patrolled road that runs parallel to the river, the multiple irrigation canals, the well-maintained parcels of farmland, the two-lane Highway 192 (also called "Esperanza Road,") or any of the other obstacles that stand between the border and I-10 in every place there isn't already a permanent outpost. (You can see them for yourself on Google Maps.) Although, at one point, you can see miles and miles of truck-tire tracks in the dirt around O'Keefe and West on the U.S. side of the border, where they're talking about how desolate and unprotected it is.

If you believe that, I know a pimp who has a border-crosser's Muslim prayer rug to sell you.

Update: "To complete this investigation, Project Veritas spent over $74,242 in legal fees, investigators salaries, and travel expenses... Please help me replace these funds." ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Update No. 2: