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James Franco is repeatedly telling the world that he's straight, but that didn't stop the likes of Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Natasha Leggero, Andy Samberg, and Jeff Ross from running the speculation about his sexuality into the ground during last night's Roast of James Franco on Comedy Central. All of the gay jokes are collected above.

Other repeated topics included Jeff Ross' and Jonah Hill's weight, Aziz Ansari's brownness, all of the Jews that were onstage, Franco's incompetence as an Oscar host, and Anne Hathway's awfulness. None of it was particularly scandalous (roasts exist to offend), though Jeff Ross' joke about the imminent death of Franco's nonagenarian grandmother was particularly gratuitous.

Mostly, the event felt tired because it was populated with people who clearly don't know Franco well (Silverman, Ansari), or who know him so well that they were invited regardless of their stand-up prowess (Rogen, Hill). (Where oh where was Danny McBride?) Only Andy Samberg truly crushed, with his send-up of the medium: He roasted roasting during his set.