Actor/Ph.D candidate James Franco was on the Colbert Report last night to promote his movie opening this week, Child of God, and generally just act like James Franco. Whatever. You can skip everything until the very end of the interview, where Franco slyly tries to get an in-character Stephen Colbert to discuss his impending move to The Late Show.

Thing is, the real-life Colbert has been clear that his Report character won't be making that leap along with him, and he refuses to be tricked into talking about it on the Report.

Nice try, Franco, but "Stephen Colbert" doesn't know what the bleep you're talking about.

I would love to know what Colbert whispered in Franco's ear as they cut to commercial, "Your powers will not work on me, boy?" "The Lannisters send their regards?" "Hail Hydra," maybe?

The world may never know.

[H/T Vulture]