16-year-old mystic Jaden Smith released a song on Soundcloud last night called "Blue Ocean" and, well, it's very Jaden Smith. Like, "Everybody knows I'm a ghost but I can still dream"-level Jaden Smith. The Jaden Smith alert level is definitely at red (the color of the pyramids on Mars).

You can stream the song here:

It liberally samples "Blue Ocean Floor," the closing track on the first edition of Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience, and resembles, in its various forms, One Republic, Frank Ocean, and fellow tripped-out teen rapper Yung Lean.

It opens with a hazy story about meeting a girl and her coke dealer at Coachella before gliding into barely comprehensible lucid dream raps like, "I fell in the crease of reality and bled on my fleece."

This is what happens when Lil B the Based God meets the Church of Scientology. Be very afraid.

[image via Soundcloud]