Here's a funny story: White musician heavily influenced by long-dead black musicians hates other white musician heavily influenced by long-dead black musicians. Why? Unoriginality, of course.

Following the news that Jack White's latest ex-wife, Karen Elson, has filed a restraining order against the Detroit-born, Nashville-based musician, citing harassment, TMZ has uncovered an email in which White explains to Elson his distaste for the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach, who also lives in Nashville. In a message about why he doesn't want their child in the same school classroom as Auerbach's child, White told Elson that he is sick and tired of Auerbach ripping him off.

My concern with Auerbach is because I don’t want the kids involved in any of that crap. You aren’t thinking ahead. That’s a possible twelve fucking years I’m going to have to be sitting in kids chairs next to that asshole with other people trying to lump us in together. He gets yet another free reign [sic] to follow me around and copy me and push himself into my world.

White's displeasure with Auerbach has been simmering for years now, at least since Auerbach set up shop in Nasvhille after White had already planted roots there. Then, last year it was reported that White had banned the Black Keys from a Nashville recording studio. As rock feuds go, this one is OK, if not a much lamer and very derivative version of the famous rivalry between Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.

[Image via AP]