The butts of two almost-the-same-age performers, Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea, are haunting the dreams of the ABC executives responsible for the live broadcast of the American Music Awards this Sunday. Not in a sexy way, in a scary way!

According to TMZ, the asses in question will be seen on Sunday's broadcast, but god-willing, not the ass cracks. "Iggy and J.Lo will perform 'Booty' ... and network honchos are nervous ... real nervous," TMZ reports. "The execs have set the ground rules ... no cracks, no rubbing. There will be a 3-4 second delay, but these shows have a rich history of raunchy performances slipping through ... the cracks."

For those at home wondering why one would watch the AMAs if not to see the ass cracks of a Bronx-born pop star and an Australian rapper, take comfort in the knowledge that ass slapping is not explicitly banned by ABC.

Hopefully J.Lo has picked out something nice for Iggy to wear.