J. Crew, America’s finest purveyor of shirts that look like tablecloths, fired 175 people last week. Layoffs are a sad whirlwind, and people react differently to the swiftness of sudden unemployment. One really bad way to deal with layoffs is to post boozy photos to Instagram celebrating your continued employment at the expense of your subordinates.

The New York Post has the story of Alejandro Rhett (pictured above), the perfectly named vice president of men’s merchandising at J. Crew, who as part of the layoffs was, the Post reports, forced to axe several of his employees. It must have been difficult for Rhett, no doubt, his days of thinking up new ways to sell $90 sweaters momentarily halted by the heavy reality of capitalism.

After informing his unlucky employees that they should not be expecting regular paychecks anymore, Rhett went to commiserate over drinks at Linen Hall in the East Village for what must have been a very somber occasion...

The Post elaborates on the photos:

In one shot, Rhett and a female pal literally jumped for joy, with the executive hoisting a drink in his right hand and pointing his left finger to the sky, “Number One”-style.

Hashtags attached to the pic — which scored 33 “likes” — included #hungergames and #maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor.

The latter is a reference to the encouragement given to the teens who are forced to fight to the death in the blockbuster series of “Hunger Games” books and action movies.

Rhett and J.Crew employee Julie Stamos also posed for a “casual photo shoot” outside the watering hole, modeling preppy clothing and sunglasses.

In one of those shots, the 31-year-old Rhett flipped the bird to photographer and underling Vanessa de Jesus, who works in J.Crew’s men’s merchandising department.

Stamos posted the photo, tagging it #forthewin and #damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangster.

(Note: At the top of its story, the Post reports that the layoffs took place yesterday, meaning these photos would have been taken last night. As you can tell by the “2d” timestamp at the top of both photos, that would be impossible. The layoffs instead took place last Wednesday, meaning these screenshots were taken last Friday.)

According to a statement given to the Post, J. Crew does not want you to think that its executives blow off steam after layoffs by rejoicing in the streets of New York:

A J.Crew spokesman said the company “does not condone” the behavior of Rhett and the others, adding, “As soon as we were made aware, the appropriate actions took place.”

As always, if you’re going to be a rich asshole, at least keep it off social media.

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