In a ruling that is likely to inflame the age-old debate rather than soothe it, one judge has declared that men are unequivocally better drivers than women.

The case before Judge Javier Albar involved a driving school in the northern Spanish town of Zaragoza.

Two years ago, Autoescuela Zaragoza offered male students a deal in which they could receive as many classes as were necessary to obtain a license for a flat rate of €665 ($900).

Women were welcome to purchase the same package, but they had to pay an extra 200 euros ($270).

The school defended itself by claiming that their female students, on average, require five additional lessons over their male counterparts.

The argument didn't do much to block the flood of complains to the country's consumer rights advocate, which subsequently fined the school €4,000 ($5433) for sexual discrimination.

Autoescuela Zaragoza took the matter to court, where, this week, Judge Albar overturned the fine and ruled in favor of discrimination on the basis that women were without a doubt worse drivers than men.

In his decision, the judge cited statistics from Spain’s Directorate of Traffic which he said prove that "every single year, men displayed greater dexterity and better open road skills [than women]."

A local women's right group said it planned to fight the ruling by petitioning the Constitutional Court.

[photo via Shutterstock]