With the recent expansion of its breakfast taco test to dozens of restaurants nationwide, and with the chicken and waffle craze reaching peak hype thanks to Popeyes Chicken Waffle Tenders and Frito Lay's re-introduced Chicken & Waffles-flavored potato chips, it was only a matter of time before Taco Bell put its hands together and came up with the Chicken & Waffle Taco.

Spotted at a few stores throughout Orange County, the new all-day item costs 99 cents, and comes with your choice of gravy or syrup smeared over a fried chicken patty that's been tucked into a folded waffle.

A companion item — the Very Berry Waffle Taco — is also being taste-tested at the same locations.

Eater suggests the two items juxtaposed represent the first step in Taco Bell's promise to roll out more "balanced choices" over the next few years.

UPDATE: Taco Bell has sent Gawker the following statement concerning these two items' current availability:

Just wanted to clarify that the Chicken and Waffle taco was just released for a brief test, and while the Very Berry Waffle Taco is still in test, the Chicken & Waffle Taco is not at the moment.

[photo via Brand Eating]