Do you like to blast your jerky? If you've ever thought about blasting your jerky with a handheld electric-powered jerky blaster, you might want to think again. Federal regulators are recalling electronic jerky blasters, because they could scorch your jerky and a whole lot more!

Here, let the Consumer Product and Safety Commission explain:

This recall involves Cabela's Electronic Jerky Blaster, which resembles a caulking gun. The product has a black handle, a gold-toned 15" tube that holds the meat with "Cabela's Power Jerky" written on it and interchangeable tip at the end. The hand-held, battery powered appliance is used for making jerky sticks or strips. It was sold as a set with interchangeable tips and cleaning brushes. The recalled item number IK-540848 can be found underneath the barcode on the cardboard packaging that comes with the product and on the front of the instruction manual.

Apparently, the hazard of the electronic jerky blaster is that its battery and adapter can overheat, even if you're using it appropriately. But let's be honest, who even follows instructions when blasting their jerky? You get really caught up in the moment sometimes.