Today's sign that The End Is Near: A Florida man makes vape liquid out of (something he claims is) his friend's semen, then inhales it and blows forth a mighty jizz cloud. This herald of the apocalypse, ID'd only as "Brad," claims he's "the first man ever to vape semen." He was reportedly paid $68 for the seminal act. (Why not make it $69? ;) )

The Daily Dot's Miles Klee is skeptical about the actual cum content of this concoction, but points out that it may appear thin because it was diluted with standard vape liquid to make it easier to inhale. You can form your own opinion, but beware: When you gaze too long into the cum-vape, the cum-vape gazes also into you.

Jesus christ man that's gross why would you do that.

Update: He didn't really do that, obviously.

[H/T Daily Dot]