Back in June, Texas approved a “campus carry” law that would allow anyone with a license to bring a concealed handgun onto the state’s public university campuses. It goes into effect August 1, 2016—that is, unless some good guys with big dildos manage to stop it.

University of Texas grad Jessica Jin has started a campaign called Cocks Not Glocks, asking students to protest the introduction of legal guns on campus by open-carrying giant fake dicks on campus—the logic being that sex toys, although they are not deadly in most circumstances, are still banned while firearms are permitted.

As Jin puts it, a dildo is “just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play.”

A Texas law banning the “display of obscene material” makes wielding a dildo in a public place like the UT campus a class C misdemeanor subject to a $500 fine, but Jin’s logic is that UT police may block one cock, but they can’t block ‘em all.

“Participate at your own risk,” she writes, “But can you imagine the gongshow that would be UTPD/APD trying to chase down thousands of students wielding harmless dildos around campus?”

I can, and it is a delight.

The gongshow begins August 24, according to the Campus (DILDO) Carry Facebook group.

[h/t Slate, Photo: Campus (DILDO) Carry]