FBI agents investigating the scene of the Oregon wildlife reserve occupation this week found a trench full of “significant amounts of human feces” that was apparently left by Ammon Bundy’s band of antigovernment militants. According to a court filing reported by Reuters, the shit hole was either on top of or next to “grounds containing sensitive artifacts” of the Burns Paiute Native American Tribe.

Shortly after the start of the six-week occupation, members of the Burns Paiute Tribe claimed that the militants were desecrating sacred ancestral lands and advocated for law enforcement to intervene.

“The land on which the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge is located is in the heart of our tribe’s ancestral territory,” tribe chair Charlotte Roderique wrote in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch last month. “This is sacred place to the Burns Paiute Tribe. The refuge and the refuge buildings hold invaluable, irreplaceable and endangered aspects of the tribe’s cultural heritage.”

The FBI announced Friday that it would work with members of the Burns Paiute Tribe to determine whether artifacts or burial grounds were damaged in the occupation, and the discovery of the poop cache apparently came during this investigation.

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams wrote in a federal court filing that agents discovered the feces on or near a “sensitive cultural site.”

“Occupiers appear to have excavated two large trenches and an improvised road on or adjacent to grounds containing sensitive artifacts,” Williams wrote.

In a way, you have to admire the occupiers’ audacity. What better way to stake a claim to land you believe is rightfully yours than to literally shit all over the history of the people who got there before you?

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