In news that will shock and upset literally tens of people between Greenpoint and Crown Heights, a prolific Islamist hacker entity by the name Abdellah Elmaghribi has defaced Adult Magazine, an online blog about graduate students having sex.

Abdellah Elmaghribi is a prolific website vandal, having taken down everything from UK soccer squads to a realtor in Ithaca. Earlier this year said the Moroccan hacker was singlehandedly responsible for roughly 19,000 online attacks. Now up is Adult Mag, which Elmaghribi says has been hit because of its pornographic tendencies:

This Goes Out To All Government’s And Nation’s We hack because we are fighting against bad information, all of us ain’t terrorists, or stupid guys who don’t know what they’re doing. Each of us has an own life, which can be good or bad. We don’t like to live in misinformation or ignorance. We want a better world, a world where there ain’t inequalities, differences, injustices: a new world! We don’t want that the world will be guided by multinational companies, we don’t want a world like this. Our world has to be of everyone who passes his/her own believings, religions, races, politic ideas, social conditions and everything which makes differences between people. We are against each kind of war, against each kind of oppression, against each form of abuse of power: we’re fighting and we’ll fight in each place where the individual freedom is threatened. We will fight under each flag besides people we don’t even know. We haven’t open access to the means of communication which are false, they say what they want and in the way they prefer, this is the only way to spread our ideas. Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Brazil, Philippines, Palestine, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Turkey, Algeria, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Kenya, Peru, Argentinia, Chile are places where freedom is a dream, open your eyes, open your mind, wake up, and all toghether we’ll turn freedom from dream to reality.

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Greetz : Moroccanwolf - X-Shona - V0TR3X - Matrix Dz - Nofawkx Al - Back-DOOR - RxR HaCkEr - Gang Dz - Virus003 - Zentak - Sni-Peo - SmoliX - ViRusx.EL - Nasser - Blaick Aymanto - & ALL my Nigga’S

But despite its name, Adult Mag isn’t a porno site so much as it’s a sort of literary salon hosted in the back room of an American Apparel. Past articles have included “Celibacy: The Sex Which Is Not Sex” (“Instead of moralizing intimacy or negating sexuality, intentional abstinence from intercourse can heighten eroticism, or serve as a form of self-care from trauma, or can simply be a fact-of-life”) and “Can the Cocksucker Speak?” (“Just as ‘cock’ has meant ‘vulva’ in pockets of the American South and in West Coast Rap, so too does ‘suck my cock’ work as an epithet regardless of genitalia”).

To say the least, this is a strange target even for armchair jihadists. It’s also unclear if Adult Mag even cares—the site has been defaced for almost a week:

Reached over email, Abdellah Elmaghribi confirmed that he’s behind the defacement, but hasn’t yet explained his choice in targets. I can only assume he’s trying to break into a Bard College LAN.

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