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Every day the media officers of the Islamic State wake and give thanks for the candidacy of Donald Trump, which delivers one propaganda coup after another for global jihad. Today’s video celebrating the Brussels attack, prominently featuring Trump’s face and words, is no exception.

You couldn’t create a better mascot for anti-West radicalism from scratch if you tried. Trump is the best imaginable caricature of decadent, stupid Western values and mores—and now that he’s jumped headlong into Islamophobia, echoing the exact “clash of civilizations” West-versus-Islam philosophy that ISIS subscribes to, he makes for a pitch-perfect recruitment tool. A famous, wealthy, grotesque American man who wants to bomb the Middle East and subjugate Muslims, and who loudly proclaims any and all adherents of Islam are unwelcome in the United States, is simply a gift to ISIS and its sympathizers.

The clip above is from a video produced by the al-Battār Media Foundation, a propaganda office of the Islamic State, and distributed across Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram. It begins with a newscaster: “That is the problem inherent with attacks like this, you can talk about increasing security but there is a limit to how far you want to go.” Then, to illustrate that ominous “too far” point, we get the face of Donald Trump, lamenting about how lovely Brussels once was before it was ruined by Muslims.

This was all predicted by experts including Malcolm Nance, a Navy intel veteran who runs the Terrorism Asymmetrics Project:“Good God, they’re probably cutting videos of this right now,” Nance told MSNBC after reviewing Trump’s Brussels comments.

If jihadi propaganda is working, the United States has itself in part to blame.