It’s generally safe to assume that anything coming from the propaganda-spewing terrorist organization ISIS is deeply, incontrovertibly wrong. But when it comes to overgrown hacker collective Anonymous—ISIS is, for once, right.

A little over a day ago, Anonymous posted a video to YouTube in which they “declared war” on ISIS. In it, the group promises one of the world’s most lethal terrorist organizations “many cyber attacks” and “hacks.” You can read the full English translation of the video below [sic]:

The Anonymous collective has also reacted very quickly to the attacks that took place in the French capital . The next morning , a video was put online, directly declaring ( cyber ) war Daesh and EI . Everything is there, staging worthy of the biggest blockbusters , voice synthesis and especially about very significant. According to their words: ‘ These attacks can not go unpunished , which is why the anonymous world will hunt you down ‘ and the voice goes on to say ‘ we will launch the biggest operation ever undertaken against you. Expect many, many cyber attacks ‘ . Anonymous had already reacted following the attacks of January 2015 by publishing some 9200 accounts related Tweeter according Daesh them . A threat to be taken seriously .

In response to the video, according to Newsweek, ISIS then took to what is purportedly its official channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, saying, “The Anonymous hackers threatened in new video release that they will carry out a major hack operation on the Islamic State (idiots). What they gonna hack...all they can do is hacking twitter accounts, emails etc...”

ISIS then followed up with a series of helpful online safety tips enough to make any HR rep proud:

Do not talk to to people u don’t know on telegram and block them if u have to cause there are many glitches in telegram and they can hack you by it. Don’t talk to people on twitter DM cause they can hack u too.

Do not make your email same as your username on twitter this mistake cost many Ansar (helpers) their accounts and the kuffar published their IP so be careful.

So while it may sound nice that Anonymous wants to take down ISIS from their dimly lit basements, it is, for all intents and purposes, an inane proposition that does little more than reveal just how far Anonymous’s delusion of grandeur can take them. Or in the words of ISIS, that they are, in fact, “idiots.”

[h/t NY Mag]

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