Isaac Mizrahi, fashion designer and Celebrity Jeopardy runner-up, recently appeared on QVC to promote some new designs that, according to QVC host Shawn Killinger, look just like the Earth as viewed from a bazillion miles away on the planet Moon.

What the fuck? Mizrahi's not about to let that one go. "From the planet Moon. From the planet Moon" he repeats, derisively.

"Isn't the moon a star?" Killinger "corrects" herself. And that's when Mizrahi shuts her down with some cold, hard astronomy facts and we all move on with our lives.

Just kidding! The bad and uncomfortable conversation only gets worse and more uncomfortable.

"No, the moon is a planet, darling," Mizrahi replies, suddenly changing his original position to one that is completely wrong.

"The sun is a star! Is the moon really a planet? Isn't the sun a star? The sun is a star!" Killinger decides, somehow managing to become even wronger.

"I don't know what the sun is," Mizrahi admits. Oh. Oh no.

"The moon is not a planet! I KNEW IT!" Treacy is shouting now, as she moves in to finish off what's left of the wounded, rapidly expiring body of Science. "I KNEW IT! You were trying to take me down that road..."

This Hindenburg of an argument is finally over, and the loser is all of us. We are all this unfortunate model, hiding our faces in disbelief at the catastrophe that has unfolded:

[h/t Daily Mail]