"How can I get girls' phone numbers and not feel like a loser when I have a flip phone?" asks a male user of the internet advice site Quora.com.

"Going through financial tough times right now, and having a flip phone as a young 20's guy is not the most attractive/confidence building, especially when making first impressions with women," writes the lovelorn young man. "One girl literally scoffed when I pulled out my phone. Any help is appreciated."

Fortunately people giving advice on the internet know a lot about love if you get my drift.


3. "If and when you bust out that flip phone and your date doesn't say anything you should ask 'Aren't you gonna say something? I mean I have a flip phone.' or 'I know I know it's a flip phone.' If they don't laugh or agree in some capacity then end the date right there. They're too much of a stiff to have a laugh and a good time."

2. "Dude, you are in a super awesome situation. This is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your good sense of humor, and that you don't take yourself too seriously (both are qualities that women seem to frequently appreciate)."
"You: 'Hey, can I call you sometime?'"
"Her: 'Sure! I'd love that.'"
"You: 'Sweet.' (pulls out flip phone) 'As you can see, I'm a pretty technologically savvy guy.'"
"Her: (giggles) 'Wow, I can see that! I'm 555-123-4567.'"


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