When news surfaced last week of three men being deported from Saudi Arabia after having been deemed "too handsome" by the local religious police, many people were up in arms.

Not so much over the deportation as over the lack of photographs of said "irresistible" men.

That may have since been rectified as some websites are now claiming to have identified at least one of the three Emirati heartbreakers.

Dubai-based "fashion photographer, actor, poet" Omar Borkan Al Gala has stirred speculation that he is one of the three men after posting a link to the deportation story on his Facebook page along with a suggestive emoticon.

Several Asian news portals picked up on Borkan Al Gala's wink and reported it as practically fact.

Though he certainly appears to be enjoying the fame that comes with being too handsome for an entire country, there are several reasons to be suspicious of his claim to fame.

For one thing, he has yet to formally acknowledge his involvement in the incident.

For another, being that he is a professional photographer, it is extremely odd that he seems to have no photos of the Saudi Arabian festival he was allegedly ejected from on his Facebook page.

And beyond websites tautologically referencing other websites in reporting the claim that Borkan Al Gala is one of the deported men, no one seems to know where the claim originally came from.

One thing cannot be denied, however: Omar is one handsome habibi.

[photos via Facebook]