According to Wikipedia, Gigi Hadid is "an American fashion model and TV personality." The C-lister now says she is definitely not blowing a line of cocaine in the above image, which her dumbass B-list musician boyfriend shared online. Do you believe her?

After Simpson posted this video of Hadid to his Snapchat account, one moment stood out—the moment she bends over and puts her nose right against a flat surface for a moment and then stands back up.

Here's a video of the moment in question:

There are all sorts of things that could be going on here instead of illegal drug use. Maybe she was snorting something else (an herbal remedy for a headache), or resting her chin because she has a bad neck cramp, or maybe she wanted to look very closely at a small bug. These are all possible scenarios, and your suppositions are, frankly, insulting to Gigi Hadid:

She was clearly at work, which appears to be standing next to a pool! She's not an idiot.