I received a dick tip today regarding the picture above (via James Franco's Instagram), which was taken while Franco and Seth Rogen filmed Naked and Afraid:

i'm pretty sure that's a dick resting on his leg. and i haven't seen anyone mention it, so i am either crazy or great at spotting dick.

i figured you could write about it on gawker and get under his skin. i love when you guys piss him off!

I didn't see anything at first. And then Gawker Art Director Jim Cooke helpfully weighed in with his Photoshop filters:

It looks like a dick is resting on James Franco's thigh. Contorting himself into the position to make that possible at first seems unlikely, but again, Jim Cooke has an answer:

If it's not Franco's dick, it still very much looks like a dick, so maybe the real question is: Whose dick is it?

[Shoutout to our tipster, thinkinboutyou]