Haha... whoa there, Idris. *Eyes quickly glance down towards Idris Elba's crotch* Uhh... *Chin lowers slightly in the direction Idris Elba's crotch* Hey, Idris, ummm... *Entire head begins to gesture towards Idris Elba's crotch* Looks, like, your, uh.....

The above photos have been going around Twitter this morning. You may notice something that looks like a footlong boner in Idris Elba's pants.

Now, it's possible that this baton-sized bulge in Idris Elba's pants is... something else. It could be a... fake dick? Maybe he's filming a movie about a guy with a huge dick and then he has to pull the dick out and it accidentally slices someone's leg off at the knee? Or maybe this is a movie about a wily gang of flashlight smugglers?

Or maybe there is something in his pocket, as the below photos seem to indicate. Or maybe Idris Elba just has a huge dick. Either way, hi, Idris. Be careful out there.

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[Images via WENN]