Sarah Palin was in Minnesota this weekend paying a visit to Safari Club International. Thank you to the hunters and conservationists who do great work in promoting our hunting heritage, she says on Facebook. But do Palin's thanks cover this jamoke with what looks like a dumb-big boner? A big thank ya to him, too?

Palin shared a few photos from the event—a stuffed black bear here, a deer literally draped dead over a tree there—including one of her and an unnamed man posing next to a deflated American flag. The photo has since been removed, but archived graciously by a "middle-aged blogger in Anchorage, Alaska, questioning everything" at the Immoral Minority Blogspot. Thanks to him and the tipster who brought it to our attention.

Here's a closer, more scientific look.

Boner? Or just well endowed? I'm going with boner.