Every couple of years, this video of a woman apparently having an orgasm on a slingshot-style amusement park ride becomes a viral hit on the internet, raising the important question, "Is this slingshot ride giving women orgasms, or what?"

This video, the most popular in the "possible slingshot orgasms" corner of YouTube, was apparently shot on the Slingshot Malta ride in St. George's Bay, Malta in 2010. It, along with a couple of other videos from the same ride and a similar one in Orlando, inspired a flurry of "Is this an orgasm?" posts in 2012, and they've done it again this week.

Still, the question remains unsettled: Are these women actually climaxing in midair, or are viewers just reading too much into some run-of-the-mill carnival ride screaming? Or—surprise third theory—are they faking it as part of a marketing campaign for Slingshot Malta?

Are these orgasms, or what?

For comparison, here's a compilation of slingshot ride reactions—everybody screams at least a little bit:

[h/t Reddit]