Two Connecticut Muffin locations in Brooklyn both shut down simultaneously last week leaving only five remaining Connecticut Muffin locations in Brooklyn. Does anything good come out of Connecticut?

Originally I was just going to ask: "Hey, what's up with Connecticut muffins?" But after lengthy consultation with a round table of expert Gawker staff members, I've determined that there's an even more provocative question here:

Can you think of one good thing that comes from Connecticut?

I can't.

Think about it. Don't just say "Oh some college sports team is good." Try to think of one specific product or institution or cultural attribute that belongs to Connecticut alone, and that is good.

Are there any? Damned if I can come up with a single one. Florida has oranges. Michigan has cars. New York has bagels. Connecticut has... muffins? Those aren't even that good. Why would anyone want a muffin specifically from Connecticut, of all places? For that matter, why would anyone want anything specifically from Connecticut? It doesn't add up.

Anything good from Connecticut? That's a head scratcher.

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