Some mornings I look in the mirror and I think to myself, “Isn’t it amazing our president is still alive?” Because frankly, it’s a recurring miracle.

That familiar feeling stirred anew Wednesday, when a new wave of shame resignations hit the Secret Service. Turns out investigators have determined the agents who crashed their car in the middle of an active crime scene in March were definitely a few sheets to the wind.

And still, our president remains alive—a daily affirmation that anything is possible.

Via the Washington Post:

Government investigators found that Marc Connolly and his colleague George Ogilvie had spent five hours at a downtown bar before returning to the White House that night. Ogilvie had paid a large tab after he, Connolly and two other colleagues stayed at the bar late into the evening after a work party, according to officials who are familiar with the findings but spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss them before the public release.

Secret Service officers on duty at the White House that night told investigators they believed one or both men were under the influence based on their odd behavior, the report will say. Some officers reported that the agents smelled of alcohol.

The investigation also found that numerous high-ranking Secret Service supervisors chose not to report the incident, and that it was omitted from a daily report of significant events at the compound provided to Clancy.

On and on, I marvel. Obama hasn’t even been seriously injured once! And of course, I wonder, I ponder, I question—how can this be?—but in the end, perhaps the unknowable mechanics of life are just that. Our lot is not to know why—it is to admire that it is so.

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