The Colbert Report has posted its guest list for the final week of the show, and it's solid, but there are no huge surprises: Seth Rogen, Kendrick Lamar, author and Iraq vet Phil Klay, and Grimmy, the Grim Reaper.

Wait, what? Rewind, selector: "The Report's final guest will be Stephen's colleague and lifelong friend, Grimmy."

It's well known that Stephen Colbert intends to retire his conservative talk show host persona when the Report ends, but where does that character go when Colbert, who's worn him as lightly as a cap since 2005, takes that cap off for the last time? Looks like we just found out.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA. It tolls for thee.

Colbert hinted strongly at his own death in October, when he promised the final 32 episodes would be full of "massive foreshadowing," then panned over to Grimmy flipping an hourglass and doing the ol' finger-across-throat gesture.

Yeah, this dude gon' die. Or, if he doesn't, he'll find some clever way to subvert the trope.

[h/t Vulture]