Last week's revelation that Kanye West went zip-lining and hated it was a cathartic moment for the internet, and a humanizing moment for the rapper with the world's most titanic ego. What if Ye were one us? Just a slob like one of us?

As much as we'd like to go on believing, a new photo has emerged that shows the millionaire rapper thoroughly enjoying his life as a millionaire rapper. In fact, he may actually be Pharrell-level happy. Hell, the man we thought we knew as Sad Kanye might have just been bummed out that his zip-lining adventure was over.

Or he could have been irritated that his posh Mexican vacation was cursed with the presence of Girls Gone Wild founder (and Douche of the Previous Decade) Joe Francis. Who can truly say? It's hard for mere plebes to discern what goes on in the mind of a god.

Regardless, R.I.P. Sad Kanye (2014-2014). Your time with us was precious and fleeting.

[H/T: @alivingiano, Photos: Casa Aramara]