After two streakers were caught grazing the lush world wonder of Machu Picchu in Cusco, Peru, and while a bohemian low-level Adam Duritz chronicles his unclothed Latin American jaunt, many are asking: could getting buckwild in your birthday suit be the next trend in travel?

In order to say with certainty, we have to look at what trends naked travel is in competition with.

Apparently the streaking at Machu Picchu was one of a slew of incidents, causing authorities to ask for further surveillance and security measures. Amichy Rab, pictured above, has made it as far as Chile with his nude antics. How far will we go in thinking this is the next way to see the world? If New York City's largest hotel can shed their option for room service, then why not we our weighted garments? With 72 likes on Facebook, this trend seems ready for takeoff.

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