Us Weekly is reporting that Bobby Flay, the celebrity chef with the no-bullshit-hotshot-I'm-from-the-bad-part-of-the-UES attitude, has separated from his third wife, Law & Order: SVU actress Stephanie March. Are the pair heading for divorce? Is Flay about to go from outta the frying pan...and into the criminal justice system, where sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous?

Yes and no. Yes to divorce, it sounds like.

A source at Us tells the rag that Flay moved out of the apartment he and March shared in NYC a couple of weeks ago, and that the couple did not celebrate their tenth anniversary together. Instead, Flay was down in Florida for the Food & Wine Festival. You know who would have probably appreciated some food and wine? His wife, Stephanie March, on their tenth anniversary.

This would be the third divorce for Flay, and the first for March. In December, Flay was spotted at an "exclusive Miami restaurant" called Cecconi's with another celebrity chef: Giada de Laurentiis, who announced the following day that she'd be divorcing her husband.

Boy meets grill. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl (presumably) share a grilled snapper together at exclusive Miami restaurant Cecconi's shortly before separating from their respective spouses? Something's fishy here.

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