YOGURT DIP SCANDAL? Here are the bare facts:

FACT: Sabra, a manufacturer of hummus and other middle Eastern foods, signed a deal with the National Football League to become the official dip of the NFL.

FACT: Sabra believes that this marketing initiative will help Americans learn to love hummus and other Middle Eastern dips, which many provincial Americans now regard as foreign and weird.

FACT: Tzatziki is a popular Middle Eastern dip. Sabra, of course, sells tzatziki. One would assume that Sabra would be working diligently to convince Americans to enjoy tzatziki's delicious flavor, with the help of their NFL partnership.

FACT: But are they? Or are Americans being patronized and bamboozled???

Yesterday I received an email from astute reader B****, along with the photo that you see here. What this astute reader found may shock you. I quote: "These are two tubs of tzatziki that I bought personally from the Fresh Garden store in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I paid $3.49 for each tub. Both of them hail from the Sabra family of products. Each has the same list of ingredients. They taste the same. They are, incontestably, the exact same stuff. Yet one is 'Tzatziki' while the other is the rather less terroristy-sounding 'Greek Yogurt Dip,' and guess which is an Official Dip Sponsor of the NFL?"

Strange. Odd. Bizarre. Disturbing. Disquieting. There must be some explanation, though? Why, Sabra itself lists Tzatziki as a separate flavor of "Greek Yogurt Dip." I pressed B**** for further details. He added: "Yes. 'Tzatziki' and the Americanized 'Cucumber Dill' are both listed separately under Greek Yogurt Dips, though their ingredient lists are identical."

And for the coup de grace, B**** "dipped" into the dips himself. Are you prepared to hear this, America? "A taste test just came back positive," he told me. "It's a match."

America: too terrified of Tzatziki to acknowledge that it likes Tzatziki? If this is true, the Sabra corporation, the National Football League, and every grocery store in America should be struck down by almighty GOD (of dip).