Amanda Bynes' notorious Twitter account has been silent for months, but she appears to be back on Twitter under the guise of a "fashion designer" named Ashley Barks, a.k.a. @PersianLa27. Bynes denied having a secret account in March, after InTouch outed her as PersianLa, but "Ashley" has continued tweeting in the voice of Amanda Bynes since then.

@PersianLa27 is extremely similar to Bynes' previous Twitter persona, frequently posting Aries horoscopes and referring to people she dislikes as "ugly." Ashley has never asked Drake to murder her vagina, but she did once offer to let Rob Kardashian motorboat her if he lost weight.

She also tends to reply to tweets about Amanda in the first person, as she did in this incident where she called Wendy Williams a "tranny":

And although she's changed her name on Twitter from "Ashley" to "✡ Amanda," @PersianLa27 insists that "Amanda is an actress. My name is Ashley. I am a fashion designer!"

But if Ashley isn't Amanda Bynes, she's at least an obsessed impostor with an "Amanda Bynes" Google alert. And she really hates Michelle Trachtenberg for "stealing" rapper Kid Cudi from Amanda.

All of this became a lot more relevant this week, when TMZ heard from Bynes' classmates that the former actress was allegedly kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for poor attendance, cheating on a test, and paying other students to do her homework.

On the "secret" Twitter account, maybe-Amanda denies she was forced to leave school:

Bynes' friend and hairstylist told People yesterday that Bynes stopped going to class because she didn't want to leave the house after having some work done on her skin. "She had all plans to finish school, but she had a few procedures done and didn't want to be in public at FIDM," said Lindsey White. "She hated going to school."

People also interviewed classmates who said that, although Bynes did often wear sunglasses to class, she never threw the tantrum TMZ reported.

"It makes me sad that this happened because she was honestly trying," one said.

@PersianLa27 linked to the People story on Twitter.

PersianLa also may have weighed in on Bynes' recent DUI for allegedly driving under the influence of Adderall and possible "other drugs":

Bynes' verified account, @amandabynes, still exists, although she heavily sanitized it after returning to Twitter in March. She hasn't posted anything new there since May.

[h/t The Blemish, Photo: SplashNews]