And now for a completely different take on a story that anyone who's ever ingested a piece of media is expected to have an opinion on: New York asked This American Life host Ira Glass about Jill Abramson being fired from the New York Times, and he was like, "What? Who? Who cares?"

An excerpt from the brief Q&A that was conducted earlier today at the Peabody Awards:

Jill Abramson was fired.
I have no idea what you're talking about.

Jill Abramson got fired from the New York Times.
Okay. And she was who?

The executive editor.
Okay. I read the newspaper, but I live in my own little bubble. When did that happen?

Wednesday. And it's been a massive … the blogosphere is going wild.
I hate reading media news so I actively sort of — I'm not interested in someone getting fired. No disrespect to people that are, but I literally had no idea who she was, or that she got fired until this moment.

Glass went on to say that he takes his last-media-person-on-earth position "with pride," and that while he's a fan of the Times, he doesn't know how it's put together nor does he care.

This is pretty refreshing, at least in terms of candor.

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