A woman who had her phone stolen while vacationing in Ibiza was given an excellent opportunity to name and shame her victim, but then went and kinda spoiled it by being sorta racist.

The unnamed victim says she was "hopelessly drunk" and skinny dipping with some friends when someone strolled up to their deck chairs and stole all their stuff.

"Everything was gone. Money, purses, smartphones, passports, birthday presents and clothes," she writes.

After returning home to Germany, the woman noticed that, though her iPhone had been stolen, someone was still uploading photos to her Dropbox camera upload folder: The thief.

She later learned the man's name — Hafid — and his whereabouts — the United Arab Emirates — thanks to a clueless Facebook message he sent her after logging in to her Facebook account using her phone.

Figuring she wasn't about to get her iPhone back, the woman instead decided to launch "Life of a Stranger Who Stole My Phone" — a Tumblr blog dedicated to posting the photos Hafid unwittingly uploaded to the Dropbox folder from time to time.

So far so good.

But then the victim went and ruined it by adding joke captions to each photos, some of which come off as racist and homophobic.

Like this one:

Rule of thumb for all your vigilante justice seekers out there: In your pursuit of payback, don't end up looking worse than the actual criminal.

[photos via Tumblr]