At long last, frothing Republicans are right: America does face an immigration crisis. Specifically, the rhetoric from frothing Republicans is the crisis. The talk has now devolved all the way to raving bloodthirsty craziness. Or, anyway, good lord it’s exhausting.

An example, among many: Mark Chelgren, an Iowa state senator and congressional candidate who has “made [his] life by shooting straight,” is upset today because Democrats are misrepresenting some comments he made about what to do with illegal immigrants, reports the Associated Press.

The views of Republican Mark Chelgren were first reported by the Journal Express newspaper in Knoxville, Iowa. Chelgren is running for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

Reached by phone, Chelgren told The Associated Press that his comments came during a broader conversation about terrorism and border control. Chelgren stressed he was talking specifically about immigrants with felony convictions trying to re-enter the U.S. illegally with further criminal intent.

And the policy he’s advocating? Best to let the man speak for himself on this one:

“I think capital punishment should be considered for people who are felons and re-enter this country illegally, yes,” Chelgren said. “We have to make sure we are not incentivizing people whose only intent is to victimize.”

Ah ha. So! Immigrants with felony possession busts on their records got you down? The solution is quite simple: execute ‘em. Just, you know, end their lives once and for all. Good deal, Mark.

“Those are my beliefs and my beliefs alone and I stand by them.”

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Image via AP