We get tips. Lots of them. Sometimes Gawker deputy editor Tom Scocca responds to them. These conversations will be memorialized here in an occasional feature we call Tom Tips Back.

Charles Ray Cochran Jr. <xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>

To: tips@gawker.com

Subject: The Canadian Politician

I was sitting with a group of friends and you want to know what we were discussing? Why the media cares so much about a politician caught on camera smoking crack.

No one who is not in the media cares.

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Tom Scocca <scocca@gawker.com>

To: xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

Cc: tips@gawker.com

Re: The Canadian Politician

So you all were talking about the question of who cares about the subject that you don't care about? And you wrote in to us on the assumption that we should care about you caring about how people don't care about it?

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