Shitty internet man and mediocre comedian Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky took some heat this summer when the entire internet agreed that his career is based on stealing jokes from other people. But like any fraud, Ostrovsky has a book deal. Now, that whole book is online, for free, from someone else.

Sealfan78 a.k.a. updog7 (Twitter bio: “hey there, i wrote a book”) has scanned and uploaded The Fat Jew’s new, terribly unfunny work, Money Pizza Respect, and put it on Twitter and Google Drive in its entirety. Or maybe he didn’t scan it himself, and just found it on Instagram and decided to share it, because memes want to be free, and you can’t really “steal” something you find on the social web anyhow.

Whatever the case, the scans reveal what you already assumed: when The Fat Jew doesn’t have images to rip from the social media accounts of other people, he has nothing interesting to say at all:

God, this is dumb. It’s also interesting given that the refrain from Fat Jew apologists has always been some variation on “he doesn’t just post funny pics on Instagram, man, he’s a legit comedian and has a vast body of original, hilarious work.” Decide for yourself until The Fat Jew weeps to Twitter because someone stole his funny pictures and the account is shut down.

h/t Death & Taxes

Update: We received a legal notice from Hachette, publisher of Money, Pizza, Respect, demanding that we remove the link to the Google Drive account where the scans were all hosted, and implicitly threatening legal action should we not comply. The link has been removed.

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