"I said, 'Put your glasses on,' and he just broke into tears," Lindsey Fisher told WLTX, recalling her son Noah's initial reaction to his brand new pair of specs.

"It just broke my heart," Lindsey continued. "And I finally got him to tell me why he was crying and he said because everyone was going to laugh at him."

But there was no getting around it: Four-year-old Noah needed glasses to see.

So Lindsey sought out family members whom she hoped would be able to show Noah that glasses can be cool.

Launching the Facebook support page "Glasses for Noah," Lindsey admits she had no idea "it would turn into what it turned into."

Family gave way to friends, who gave way to acquaintances, who gave way to complete strangers, and before Lindsey knew it, nearly 40,000 people had expressed their support for little Noah.

[There was a video here]

And along with words of encouragement came a veritable flood of photos from eyewear enthusiast around the globe showing off their favorite frames.

Lindsey says she started a tradition of sitting down with Noah each night to show him the latest batch of friendly bespectacled faces who have joined the cause.

"I don't know how many more likes or pictures we'll get, but as long as I'm getting pictures, I'll keep showing them to him every night," she said.

Suffice it to say, Noah is now a lens-wipe carrying member of Team Glasses.

"He saw all these people wearing glasses and I think he thought, 'Well it's not so bad after all,'" his grandfather Bannister Eads told ABC News. "It helped him."

[photos/video via Facebook, bottom video via Today]