A gym rat in the most literal sense of the term found himself banned from an entire chain of gyms thanks to Internet vigilantes who decided to punish him for mocking members on his Facebook page.

In a series of Facebook photos he delightfully dubbed "Awkward Kunts at YOUR Local Gym," the Queenland, Australia, native posted comments poking fun at members of his gym that he found to be worthy of derision.

In a recent post, [redacted] published a photo he snapped on his iPad of a man lifting a light set of barbell weights.

"Here we see the amazing chicken man," he wrote in the accompanying caption. "His 2% bodyfat is admired by bodybuilders and bulimic teenager girls alike."

After someone posted a screengrab to both Reddit and 4chan, users got to work doxxing the man in order to rain Internet vengeance upon him. It didn't take long before someone got ahold of the man's mom by phone, and tattled on his Face-burn-book.

The response was swift and permanent: In a follow-up post, the man revealed that his mom had subsequently called the gym's owner and gotten him banned from the entire chain.

She also cut him off financially.

"The owner called me personally to tell me I'm a piece of shit," the former gym member wrote on Facebook.

Despite the nuclear fallout, it doesn't seem he's fully learned his lesson:

No shit, it was a massive dick move but I accepted that after the guy who owns the gym told me this sort of thing is a serious issue and not only hinders the positive development of certain people but also harms the whole industry [...]

At the same time, though, I have this nagging voice saying ‘toughen the fuck up’ because I get called out on being fat on a daily basis, and it just makes me want to work harder so I can eventually tell everyone who doubted me to eat shit.

[H/T: The Daily Dot]