Mark Brown has made a name for himself and his pet raccoon Rebekah by uploading YouTube videos of the two sharing showers, dancing to "Chain of Fools," and generally enjoying each other's company.

But all that came to a chattering halt last week after Brown received a visit from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which promptly took the animal away.

Though Brown believes the agency only took an interest in him and his raccoon after their latest videos went viral, a TWRA rep told NewsChannel5 it was a neighbor complaint that led to Rebekah's removal.

Brown, a former animal control officer from Gallatin, points out that no one ever took issue with Gunshow, his now-deceased pet raccoon whom he had raised for four years prior to Rebekah.

"If they didn't know I had Gunshow, they had to be living under a rock," Brown told News 2.

Rebekah is currently being kept at a local wildlife rehabilitation and education center. Brown hopes his direct appeal to Governor Bill Haslam will help him obtain the permits necessary to bring Rebekah home.

[H/T: MeFi]