If you've been around the Internet for a minute, you've probably heard of Unlocking the Truth.

Friends-from-practically-birth Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins formed their first metal band Tears of Blood in 2007, when they were both five years old.

Now in the 6th grade, the Flatbush, Brooklyn duo have been joined by "childhood friend" Alec Atkins on bass to unleash Unlocking the Truth on unsuspecting New Yorkers who don't expect 12-year-olds to rock this hard.

Despite their success both online and off, the band members still suffer the daily taunts of classmates who bully them about their taste in music and personal style.

"I know a lot of people doubt me," Malcolm tells The Avant/Garde Diaries. "But then I really don't listen to those people, because I know I'm going to be famous anyway."

And besides, Jarad knows exactly what will become of the haters: "Now I'm writing a book. The book is about people who are being bullied in school and they joined a band, and they have became rich and famous, and they toured all over the world. And people that judged them, they have became homeless. And it's, like, based on a true story."

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