The world's most famous feline mayor remains in critical condition today after being mauled by a dog while strolling through his hometown of Talkeetna, Alaska.

Stubbs rose to public prominence last year when a local media outlet revealed that the 16-year-old Manx mix has been the town's honorary mayor since practically birth.

Last Saturday, while greeting constituents and surveying the streets near his homebase at Nagley's General Store, Stubbs was reportedly attacked by a "mean dog" and left for dead.

His owner, Laurie Stec, was informed of the incident and immediately put together a search party to find her wounded pet.

Stubbs was discovered hours later hiding in an abandoned structure near the general store.

He had sustained a deep gash, a punctured lung, and a crushed sternum, and was rushed to a vet in Wasilla, some 70 miles away.

There, staffers dressed his wounds, hooked him up to life support, and fitted with a compression jacket.

Stec's medical expenses have surpassed $2,000, but she says Stubbs is more than worth it.

"[H]e’s just a really cool cat," she told the Alaska Dispatch.

An attempt to locate the dog or its owner were unsuccessful, but Stec says she plans to file a report with animal control in an effort to have the animal removed from Talkeetna.

[photo via Facebook]