Sometimes, people on the internet argue about things. But what unites us all? Laughter.

One thing that happened on the internet this week: a lot of people made up a group called “We Are the Left” and published an open letter titled “An Open Letter on Identity Politics, to and from the Left.” You can read it if you like. (The people who wrote this letter do not like me personally, which is fine, and, indeed, perhaps, a mark of maturity!)

Mere seconds after this open letter signed by more than a hundred people was published, the conversation that it was ostensibly designed to prompt degenerated into a meta-conversation about who gave permission for their names to be included and who fucked up the attaching of whose name to this letter and also several objections have been raised to the use of various language in the letter. A single day after being published, the letter now carries four added notes at the bottom.

Confused? Don’t feel bad. I have no idea what is happening and I am the one writing this blog post! That is the sad state of “journalism” today. Instead of reading this blog post, in fact, I highly recommend you read this extremely entertaining explainer and also this other extremely entertaining explainer in order to develop a deeper understanding of the intricate background machinations and political rivalries and alliances underlying this open letter on the internet. In the future, you will be able to understand the Twitter arguments of a variety of people you will never meet in a more sophisticated way. If you study very hard, you may even one day be able to grasp what is happening here:

There are not that many funny things to read on the internet these days so I fully support the publication of more open letters on this important topic, whatever that may be.

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