How's your workout looking? Think you could still do it in space? A team of astronauts at the International Space Station will now be owners of the newest development in scientific workout gear in a new shipment from a Orbital Sciences Corp. commercial cargo ship.

The workout clothes are not only resistant to bacteria but odor buildup, as well, making it easier for the astronauts to do their daily two-hour workouts (that's right, daily two-hour workouts) without having to change clothes.

In addition to the new technology, the astronauts are getting some other fun gifts in the package, making the delivery something like "Christmas in July," Frank Culbertson, an executive vice president at Orbital Sciences said.

The three thousand pounds of supplies include mostly food, but also "mini-satellites, science samples, and equipment." The most astounding thing is that this big capsule, named The Cygnus, will drop off all the supplies and then come back with lots of trash.

Via the AP:

The Cygnus will remain at the space station for about a month. It will be filled with trash and cut loose for a fiery re-entry. Unlike the SpaceX Dragon capsule, the Cygnus is not built to return safely to Earth.

Saturday, meanwhile, marked the 5,000th day of continuous human habitation at the 260-mile-high outpost. Six men currently are on board, representing the United States, Russia and Germany.

NASA is paying for this round of supplies but more are to come from the European Space Agency next week.

[Image via AP]