There are two ways you can take this interactive map put together by the Wall Street Journal that lists the bacteria found in each of New York City's gleaming 466 subway stations. One reaction is, "Holy shit, New York City is incredibly disgusting and basically nobody should live there." The other, if you live here, is, "Hey, well at least my station doesn't have traces of diarrhea."

The widget visualizes data collected by researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College, which swabbed garbage cans, benches, handrails and turnstiles across the five boroughs. The result is that, if you live in New York, you can find out which viruses you slide your hands across multiple times a day.

Here, for instance, is the Morgan L stop in Brooklyn, a station so important that the New York Times filmed an entire style video outside of it.

On the one hand, mozzarella cheese (blame Roberta's). On the other, whatever the fuck "toxic cleanup" is.

Here is Times Square-42nd Street. Do you really want to look at this one? You don't want to look at this one.

Meningitis and "medical-device infections." Times Square truly does have it all.

Please post your subway stop in the comments, and for more on New York's large scale petri dishes, please consult our list of least sexy subway stops in the city.