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A surge in racist, xenophobic speech and graffiti has swept across the UK in the weekend following the country’s vote to leave the European Union, known as Brexit.

On Sunday morning, racist graffiti was discovered on the entrance of the Polish Social and Cultural Association (POSK) in west London, The Guardian reports. The message has since been washed off and neither the police nor the POSK have confirmed precisely its wording.

Police are also investigating an incident in Huntingdon, where people allegedly passed out cards in the hours after the referendum vote on Friday, which read “Leave the EU/No more Polish vermin” in English and Polish, according to Cambridge News.

Baroness Warsi, the former chairwoman of the Conservative party and fair-weather supporter of the Leave campaign, told Sky News that since the referendum immigrants have been stopped in the streets frequently and told to leave:

I’ve spent most of the weekend talking to organisations, individuals and activists who work in the area of race hate crime, who monitor hate crime, and they have shown some really disturbing early results from people being stopped in the street and saying look, we voted Leave, it’s time for you to leave.

Many have been documenting the hate speech on social media, using the hashtag #PostRefRacism.

So far, the vitriolic words have primarily been directed toward Polish immigrants:

As well as Muslims (or those whom the perpetrators mistake for Muslim) residing in the UK:

While some have been voicing their opposition to all immigrants: