Instagram's most famous overcompensator, millionaire fake breast enthusiast Dan Bilzerian, was arrested in December on felony explosives charges as he returned from allegedly kicking a woman in the face at Art Basel. Two months later, he's now free and clear after pleading no contest to a lesser charge and agreeing to star in a PSA as punishment.

The Las Vegas Sun reports Bilzerian blew up his own tractor-trailer with a rifle and a homemade bomb at an "unofficial shooting range" near Vegas. The felony explosives charges he would have faced carried a maximum penalty of $10,000 and 12 years in prison, but Bilzerian's lawyer got them knocked down to a misdemeanor, failing to extinguish a fire.

Bilzerian still paid the $10,000—as did his associate, Jeremy Guymon, who helped him blow up the truck—but instead of going to jail, Bilzerian will record a PSA for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management about "what not to do on public land." (Presumably, the "don'ts" will include "don't detonate 90 pounds of powdered explosive mix packed into a beverage cooler.")

By the way, the attorney representing Bilzerian in this case, David Chesnoff, is not the same lawyer who wrote the infamously snarky response to a legal threat from a porn star Bilzerian threw off of his roof back in May.

That hard little gem of distilled prickery was brought to you by SCOTUSblog's Tom Goldstein, who apparently handles Bilzerian's civil matters.

[h/t TMZ, Photo: Dan Bilzerian/Instagram]