As Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych flees Kiev and is soon to be ousted by some of his own supporters, opposition members stormed his Mezhyhirya village palace, making sure to photograph all they saw along the way. While some hoaxes are tricking non-local reporters, like this ages-old golden toilet throne, the real stuff is a sight to behold. No irony whatsoever in Yanukovych maintaining his own personal animal farm. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy and all that.

The first thing protestors found was a trove of documents that Yanukovych argo-fucked-himself with after tossing them in his mote-slash-river:

And a boat by which the prez could have fled in the slowest escape known to man.

A treasure trove of photos can be found on Zyalt's Live Journal, a particularly golden-embellished selection of which are below.

Is this the horn that's meant to be blown in celebration of #Ragnarök2014?

"You guys, get moving, I just have to stuff these ten or so battering sticks in my desk drawer. I'll be right there."

Swing from this, o brothers.

In addition to a swarm of peacocks on the president's personal animal farm, a shower at Yanukovych's residence is inlaid with mosaics of peacocks, making the soon-to-be former Ukranian president the Flannery O'Connor of Eastern Europe. A good man is hard to find.

Gold loaf, on top of papers.

Personally engraved golf clubs. Sounds familiar.