Late yesterday, Andrea Pellegrini, the former in-house publicist and legal counsel for Insane Clown Posse and their label Psychopathic Records, filed an extensive lawsuit against the Detroit company that not only named both members of ICP, but also accused her former employers of harassment, wrongful termination, and infliction of emotional distress. The 17-page complaint, processed in Michigan's Oakland County Court and posted below, includes an inter-office anecdote about "vagina tighteners" and a dildo. A defendant's nickname is "Dirty Dan."

But first, the fullest disclosure. As a writer who has spent the last three-plus years documenting Juggalo culture and following Insane Clown Posse's narrative, I'm obliged to say, in posting this, that I have become personally acquainted with past and present associates of Psychopathic Records and that I have gotten to know the plaintiff, Andy, fairly well. What does that have to do with this lawsuit? Very little, except that it would be dishonest not to mention that with the primary exception of alleged dildo giver "Dirty Dan," most of the names contained in this complaint belong to people I have met on multiple occasions and, in all instances, have had very nice experiences with personally. But now this lawsuit has become a TMZ headline, so here we are, with disclosures.

So anyway, the lawsuit, which claims the plaintiff was mocked, belittled, bullied, and sexually harassed, called a "cunt" and a "bitch." A few of the incidents enclosed:

  • Pelligrini alleges her former boss called her a "bitch" and frequently made her cry.
  • Pelligrini alleges that former coworker "Dirty Dan" pulled her hair, told her he "had a fat cock," said that he'd "like to fuck her," and gave her a dildo as a present because he'd seen on Facebook that she'd become single.
  • "Dirty Dan" also allegedly gave "vagina tighteners" to two other female employees. ("Dirty Dan" is no longer with Psychopathic, for reasons unknown.)
  • Pelligrini claims she was asked to acquire "illegal automatic weapons" for a photo shoot.
  • Pelligrini, who's a practicing lawyer, claims she was instructed to do unethical things with client-attorney privilege.
  • Late last November, Psychopathic fired Pelligrini, who here claims that her termination was a direct result of refusing to act unethically and illegally.

Without further ado, the document:

[Insane Clown Posse pictured in July; image by AP Photo/John Carucci]

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